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This section provides some interesting facts about the world's most famous diamonds.


This 108.93 carat oval-shaped diamond is the most famous diamond in the world. Historically, the first mention of it is in India in 1304. According to old Indian Legend, this stone would bring misfortune to men who possessed it, though not to women or gods. just goes to show you diamonds are a girl's best friend.

The Cullinan

The largest diamond ever found, the Cullinan originally weighed about 1.5 pounds (over 3000 carats). It was eventually cut into 9 major stones, two of which are in the British Crown Jewels, and 96 smaller stones, whose where abouts are unknown. Which makes it possible that you already own a piece of the original Cullinan.

The Uncle Sam

This 12.42 carat emerald cut found in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, is the largest diamond in North America. Whoever thought that sporting a diamond could be so patriotic?


Named for Napoleon Bonaparte, who wore it on his sword the day he wed Josephine. This 34 carat brilliant cut was regarded as a talisman until he lost it and the Battle of Waterloo at the same time. Maybe it would have been safer set in her wedding ring than in his sword.

Taylor-Burton Diamond

Formally called the Cartier Diamond. At the time, it commanded the highest price ever paid for a piece of jewellery. It is 1.5 inches long and pear-shaped. And although the marriage didn't last, the diamond is forever.

The Orloff

The very early origins of this stone are shrouded in mystery. Legend has it that this stone, which served as the eye of an Indian idol, found its way into the Court of Russia in the 1700's, where Prince Orloff gave it to his ex-lover, Catherine the great. One can only wonder what he lavished on his current lovers.